The Gold IRA Rollover Guide; Protect Your Retirement With Precious Metals

Are you worried about the economy, reckless government spending, growing US debt, and the devaluation of the dollar? Some Americans plan diligently for their future, and yet they fail to diversify and hold their retirement funds in solid, secure accounts that maintain their value or increase in value appropriately.  Often the most complex part of this planning process is understanding how inflation will impact your savings and learning how to protect your assets from the volatility of the stock market.

Investing in precious metals has grown in popularity, but not everyone is sure about the best way to get started.  For those who want to protect their portfolio against economic uncertainty, we recommend finding and working with a top rated gold IRA company that can walk you through the process from start to finish.

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How Do You Find The Best Company For Your Gold IRA Rollover?

Precious Metals InvestorWe’ve reviewed 50+ Gold IRA Companies. Our recommendation is based on data and a combination of factors – consumer scrutiny, online reputation/ protection agency reviews, expert third party analysis, and a comparison of company services, costs, & fees.  Based on this criteria, we’ve endorsed one gold IRA company as our top choice for 2015.  A few reasons to consider our top rated company…

1.  AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  This is the highest ranking a company can earn with both agencies.

2.  530+ Trustlink customer reviews maintaining an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.  This is a very low complaint/positive review ratio. 

3.  This firm has been featured in a number of top finance magazines such as Forbes, Smart Money and Inc. Magazine.  Forbes featured this firm in its Investment Guide for 2013 and Inc. Magazine rated them #20 in the nation for services in the financial industry.

4.  In our research, we’ve found they provide the best storage, lowest fees, and fastest shipping process out of their competition (explained in detail below).


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The Three Basic Steps To Investing In A Gold IRA Rollover

1.  Find a reputable custodian to establish a self-directed IRA.

2.  Purchase gold that is IRS-approved.

3.  Find a good gold vault or depository to safely store your gold.

These are the top three steps, regardless of which company you decide to work with.  While these steps might seem simple enough, there are a few questions that they bring to light.  For instance, how should you go about finding the right depository and the best custodian?  The good news is, that if you find a custodian in step one, this company will be able to easily guide you down step two and step three.  The main decision is finding the right custodian to handle your investments.  With an expert at your side along with the information on this website, you should have the knowledge needed to move forward.

Features To Look For When Seeking A Custodian

401k to Gold IRA RolloverThere are several key features that a custodian must have if they are to be trusted with the protection of these assets.  A company should be well-established as this is far preferable to using a newcomer to the industry.  It should also be well-rated and reviewed, with a generous amount of accessible and positive client feedback.  The Business Consumers Alliance or the BCA and the Better Business Bureau are the best places to look for this feedback.  In addition to hosting positive reviews, these entities also keep a record of all client complaints.

When assessing client complaints, consumers should additionally look for ample evidence that a custodian has attempted to address these issues and to provide their customers with acceptable solutions.  Custodians that are lax in responding to customer complaints should be avoided.  Not only are these entities failing to acknowledge problems within their operations, but they are also unwilling to resolve them in a transparent and timely fashion.  With fewer than three complaints, our top recommended gold company is clearly devoted to maintaining optimal satisfaction levels.

It is additionally good to find custodians that have a range of investment opportunities for their clients.  This helps to centralize the task of building a solid retirement portfolio.  Thus, a custodian can also have the capability of asset allocation in real estate or stocks.  This will include the ability to combine both stocks and precious metals into an IRA.

One of the most important characteristics for a custodian to have is a constant vigilance of the market and its continual state of flux.  With this awareness, custodians have the best ability to pass on the appropriate information and educational resources to clients.  As a result, they can help investors to ensure that they are making informed decisions that are guaranteed to benefit them over the long-term.

Searching For A Gold IRA Company

The easiest way to start your search for a gold IRA company is by using the web to look for gold brokers and custodians.  You can compile a list of established entities to work with and then use various watchdog organizations such as the BBB and the BCA to know more about how these providers have performed in the past and what other consumers think of them.

Investors should keep an eye out for a number of red flags when conducting this research.  For instance, it is best to avoid companies with a history of using aggressive sales tactics. BBB company reviews will clue you in to which companies are better than others.   Aggressive companies should be avoided especially when these are aimed at encouraging consumers to take on financial products that are either irrelevant in terms of their long-term financial plans or simply not proven to be beneficial.  Investors should also steer clear of rare coins given that these are not suitable for most investment plans and they also tend to be overpriced when compared to their actual or long-term value.  It is usually best to look to gold bullion rather than other forms of this metal. If your gold IRA company recommends investing retirement funds in numismatic, “rare,” special edition,” or “limited” gold coins instead of gold bullion – run the other direction.  They do not have your best interests in mind.

Ultimately, the ideal gold IRA company will have individual and integrated solutions available for each client.  There is no one-size-fits all approach to investing in your gold IRA rollover.  Thus, a good company will be invested in the individual needs of every customer and will have adequate resources for ensuring that each person is getting what he or she needs.

We’ve Reviewed 50+ of the Most Well Known Gold IRA Companies -This is Our Top Choice For 2015

Gold CompanyPhone BBBBBB Complaints
(Since 03/13)
BCABCA Complaints
(3 Years)
1-855-782-1458A+ZEROAAA1 www.RegalAssets.com

Partner with an Expert & Make Securing A Gold IRA Rollover Easy

Call Regal Assets 1-877-742-1458

Regal Assets 1-877-742-1458

There are a number of reasons why we’ve affiliated our business with such a trusted provider in the gold IRA rollover industry.  Among these, however, is the fact that our top gold IRA company has simplified the gold IRA rollover process, making it basic enough and accessible for even the most novice investors.  They will purchase your gold, fulfill the responsibilities of a trusted custodian and even provide secure and segregated storage in a depository for your gold.  Thus, there are no middlemen to contend with and much of the confusion is eliminated.  With everything centralized, you will not need to review multiple companies for the different tasks associated with gold IRA investments.

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Features That Set Our Top Gold IRA Company Apart From Competitors

There are number of service features that help to make our top gold IRA custodian such a standout business in its industry.  These are company qualities that have been cited in reviews by popular financial magazines and other prestigious finance-related publications and these are also features that make routine appearances in customers reviews.  In everything from its shipping processes to its storage and fee schedules, Regal Assets has consistently proven that it stands heads and shoulders above its competitors.

Processing Times

Our top recommended gold IRA company, Regal Assets is the only company in its industry with fully electronic operations.  This means that a customer does not have to manually sign documents when establishing a gold IRA rollover.  There are a number of additional issues that are avoided when using a fully electronic process and this makes it possible to conduct gold IRA transfers in the shortest possible amount of time.  This allows Regal Assets to open new gold IRA accounts within one full business day of having received a signed application.  Fund requests from custodians can also be transferred within just 48 hours.  Other companies can take more than five business days to establish new gold IRA accounts.  Moreover, these entities can take up to as many as 90 days to complete requested fund transfers.  Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for your own money for up to three months.

Regal Assets 1-877-742-1458

Save More Money With A Trusted Gold IRA Company

We’ve chosen to endorse a gold company so committed to the success of its investors that it is willing to cover all of its customers’ first year dues for their gold IRA rollover accounts including storage and administration fees, setup fees and delivery of metals.  This typically adds up to more than $500 in savings. These are usually expenses that consumers have to pay of pocket when working with other custodians.  In addition to absorbing these initial costs, this company is known for having the lowest prices in the industry.  Thus, the costs of maintaining a gold IRA will not significantly offset your earnings.  This is simply not the case with many other companies and is commonly one of the first issues that people bring up when filing or posting service-related complaints.

Regal Assets charges just $250 each year for every gold IRA retirement account, irrespective of the account value.  Thus, account holders are not penalized for growth.  This translates as $100 for account administration and $150 for segregated storage for precious metals.  Account holders do not receive their first bill for these services until their second year as clients.  This initial bill will only be $250.  Many of the competitor fees we found to be “scalable,” meaning the charges increase as the value of your portfolio increases.  Not only is Regal Asset’s policy less expensive, we like it because it’s easier.  There’s no confusion with administrative and storage fees.  As we investigate gold IRA company complaints, we see claims of misleading, or “hidden” charges pop up often.  Regal Assets avoids these types of issues by making their storage and admin fees simple.

Get Optimal Security with Your Gold IRA Rollover 

All precious metals are stored via Regal Assets, through Brinks and all storage is segregated.  Regal assets is the only company in its industry that offers segregated storage with Brinks for a low annual fee.  Most other precious metal companies start these services as high as $250 and many companies do not even provide segregated storage.

Beyond its impressive security and segregated storage, low prices and commitment to customer satisfaction, Regal Assets is also turning heads with its uncommon levels of transparency.  This helps to eliminate many of the concerns that people have when taking their retirement futures in their own hands.  Regal Assets has a bevy of online and other customer service platforms that people can turn to with their questions.  When problems or concerns arise, getting a timely and wholly satisfactory answer should never be a problem.

With a gold IRA rollover account, investors can have far more control and many more options in how they diversify their investment portfolios. Choosing the right professionals to work with, however, is important for recognizing the full range of benefits that are available with gold IRA investing.  More importantly, as the market continues to change, consumers must be kept abreast of how these changes affect their finances and how they can best tailor their portfolios to reflect new needs and trends.  Representatives at Regal Assets help people to make sense of the many topics that are discussed on financial programs or in popular financial publications.

Those who are interested in getting started can request a free gold investor kit from Regal Assets.  Best of all, company representatives are always available Monday through Friday during regular working hours at 1-855-742-1458 to discuss the benefits of using a gold IRA rollover to bolster your financial future.  Paving the way towards long-term financial health and success has never been easier then when pursuing a gold IRA account through a trusted entity like this one.



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